Partners Advantage is an independent insurance marketing organization and a nationally recognized leader in the life insurance, annuity and linked benefit products marketplace.
Our MISSION is to deliver solutions and opportunities for financial professionals to succeed with the highest standard of integrity.
Working with dedicated financial professionals, we strive to achieve our VISION of American families protected and secured.

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The Advantage Division is a one-stop brokerage for licensed agents and agencies throughout the United States that sell annuities and life insurance. With our top shelf training, technology and service, the Advantage Division gives dedicated financial professionals and agencies additional resources to grow their business.
The Platinum Partners Division strives to help independent marketing organizations thrive. We do this by collaborating with three critical roles within the IMO: the key administrator, valued marketing director and the pivotal agency principal. Platinum Partner IMOs enjoy additional resources that enable them to be better equipped to drive enhanced results.
The National Accounts Division supports corporate institutions with a broad geographical territory. With a focus on working together with financial professionals to help grow their businesses and better serve their clients's needs, we provide expanded access to products, an experienced sales team, training and sales tools.
The Premier Division was established to meet the challenges agency and IMO owners now face on a daily basis. We help agencies consider opportunities to allow Partners Advantage to invest in 10% - 50% of their company, a proposition that means owners could potentially put some money back in their pockets while retaining 50% to 90% ownership and control of their company.